Textile doll Interior doll Handmade doll


Textile doll Interior doll Handmade doll Gift for girl Unique gift rag doll Kids room
Beautiful and bright doll height 10 inches.

It was made with high quality materials and the greatest attention to details.

I sawed this doll with inspiration and care and can guarantee good quality.
Design and idea HouseInspiration.

Handmade from natural of 100% linen and cotton. Her face is painted with acrylic pains.
This doll looks very cute.
The doll does not stand on its own.

It will be the best and unique gift for any occasion.
It will be a wonderful birthday gift.
It is perfect as a collectible.

This natural and beautiful doll create comfort in your home and especially in the children room.

For its production were used such materials:
Acrylic paints
Natural fabrics
woolen thread

How to use: Save and Love 🙂
Keep away from water and fire.
Not for children under 3 years

Ready to SHIP.

Thank you for your attention and purchase 🙂


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